Manchester Cycling

Manchester Cycling a site dedicated to cycling in the city of Manchester.  Like allot of cities over the last few years Manchester has seen and increasing amount of cyclists on the streets and this site is dedicated to them, the cyclists of Manchester.

Manchester has a long way to go before it can be classed as a cycling city like Amsterdam.  Manchester like many UK cities suffers from a shortage of safe cycle lanes and combined with an abundance of uneducated road users make it a challenging place to ride for the commuter or leisure rider, But Manchester is still a great cycling city which I love.

In time we at Manchester Cycling hope that the city of Manchester will become the number one UK cycling city.  A city where facilities for cyclists improve and more of us Manchester residents take to two wheels to travel around our great city.  There is no better way to see a city than on a bike and you are in control of your own destiny while riding rather than in the clutches of dirty and unreliable public transport.

Cycling is a an inexpensive pastime, if it is compared to the price of a weekly bus or train ticket then at the end of the year you could be the proud owner of a quality push bike if your weekly fare is invested in a bike.  Our advice to you all is that forget the daily stop start of the Mega Rider bus, the expensive Northern Rail train from Burnage and the tightly packed and dangerous metrolink from Sale.  Invest in a bike, save money, stay fit and enjoy Manchester on two wheels.


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